Industrial 3 Deck 3 Trays Bread Baking GAS Oven

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Quick Overview


  • Natural gas
  • Compact, triple-deck design with stainless steel front, top, sides, and back
  • Counterbalanced doors for easy access
  • Burner doors that open with ease for ignition, cleaning, or adjustment
  • Thick aluminized steel oven decks for quick and efficient heating
  • Draft diverter included for safe ventilation
  • Easily accessible gas, temperature control, and safety pilot valves
  • With standard timer


3 deck 3 tray gas baking oven


BuyTrend gas baking oven will add greater efficiency and baking capacity to your restaurant or speciality bakery. This oven offers you the ability to bake or cook a wide variety of foods. From roasts, pastries, cakes, artesian bread, pizzas, and more. Thanks to the triple-deck design and independent controls, you can even cook three different products simultaneously.

Gas baking oven


With counterbalanced doors, you’ll have an easy time transferring products to and from each oven’s cooking cavity. For optimal temperature retention and energy conservation, this gas baking oven features vitreous fibre insulation at the top, back, sides, bottom, and doors.

Gas baking oven

For increased convenience, the burner doors open easily for ignition, cleaning, or adjustment.  Due to the security of you and your employees, the safety pilot, temperature control, and main gas valves are located on the front of each unit.

Gas baking oven

The stainless steel front, sides, and top allow for ease of cleaning, resilience, and increased corrosion resistance. For added convenience, the 7″ legs raise the unit to a more comfortable working height. This provides the necessary clearance you need for top performance. Precise control of baking time with a digital timer thus meeting different food requirements.

Gas baking oven

If you need a sturdy, dependable oven, this BuyTrend baking oven is a perfect choice!

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