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ICECOOL offers a wide selection of glass lid chest freezers, an ideal solution for food outlets or stores wanting ultimate storage capacity with enticing appeal. It comes with an aluminum interior, sliding glass lid, CFC-free insulation, standard castors (to facilitate easy positioning for wherever the cabinet is needed), manual defrost option, storage baskets, galvanized steel exterior, manual thermostat, and a secure lock.

  • Low noise and energy consumption
  • High efficient compressor
  • Freezer volume 239 litres
  • Unit dimensions (WxDxH)1074x335x850 mm
  • unit weight 36kg


Icecool ice cream display freezer is designed to store and display ice cream products at a temperature suitable for consumption.

It has glass doors, shelves, and a cooling system to maintain the optimal temperature and keep the ice cream frozen and easily accessible. The appearance of the unit is typically attractive and modern, to entice customers and increase sales.

Icecool Ice cream freezer

why Icecool Ice cream freezer?

  1. Temperature Control: It keeps the ice cream frozen at the optimal temperature to maintain its texture, flavor, and quality.

    Icecool ice cream freezer
    Manual temperature control
  2. Product Visibility: Glass doors make the ice cream products visible to customers tempting them to purchase.

    icecool ice cream freeze
    Sliding glass doors
  3. Increased Sales: An attractive and well-stocked display freezer can increase impulse purchases and drive sales.
  4. Food Safety: A properly functioning display freezer helps to keep the ice cream at a temperature that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and extends its shelf life.
  5. Convenient Storage: A display freezer provides easy access, reducing the time and effort required to restock and serve customers.
  6. Energy efficiency: Designed to be energy efficient, reducing operating costs and helping to reduce the environmental impact of the business.

Overall, an ice cream display freezer is a crucial investment for any ice cream business. It helps to ensure the quality of the product, attract customers, and drive sales.

Additional information

Dimensions 1094 × 598 × 860 cm


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