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Quick Overview

Single Deck Electric Oven

  • Robust Construction
  • Front face stainless steel
  • 60 min mechanical timer
  • Glass viewing window
  • Interior light
  • Side, top and rear panels painted mild steel
  • Max Temperature 300°C
  • Single baking tray provided

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Are you looking for a Deck oven in Kenya? Our goal at Aplico is to help bakers and bakeries make their already delicious products even better. We align bakers with the right type of oven when making a new purchase.


Typically a centrepiece for any artisan bread bakery, a deck oven is a crucial piece of baking equipment. When seeking to attain a beautiful crusty loaf of bread this single deck electric oven is what you need.

Deck Oven in Kenya
Single deck electric oven

With robust construction, this quality deck oven is just as necessary as having a heavy-duty spiral mixer. it’s front face stainless steel makes it durable and can handle the wear and tear from being in the busiest of kitchens, proving tough and long-lasting. An interior light also helps to increase visibility.

Deck Oven in Kenya

The heat stays inside where it belongs since the oven is insulated. The 60-minute timer sounds to let you know when items are done baking and ready to be cooled.


Deck Oven in Kenya
Single deck single tray electric baking oven.


Equipped with a mechanical timer and a maximum temperature of 300°c Its ability to produce loaves of hot bread around the clock leaves deck oven in Kenya bread bakers very happy. Contact us to get yours today.

Deck Oven in Kenya
Heating elements

Made with aluminized steel, the interior will resist corrosion and last as long as its exterior. .Heating elements placed on both the top and bottom in order to provide even heating throughout the cabinet

Deck Oven in Kenya
Spare accessories provided

Ideal for businesses that require freshly bakery items, these deck ovens are also great for roasting meats and making pizzas. Designed to provide consistent even heat. When looking for a way to bake the artisan breads and rolls people are looking to have with their meals or to take home, then use the BuyTrend single electric deck oven to produce these items.


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Dimensions 88 × 58 × 39 cm


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