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Aplico Hill Limited is an online appliance store company established in Kenya. We are dealers in the wholesale and retail of both commercial and domestic catering equipment and appliances.

Aplico Hill Limited
Chest Freezers

From home theatres, television sets, fridges to food displays, meat display showcase to cake display showcase, everything you need to set up your premises or appliances for your home can be sourced through us.

Aplico Hill Limited
Glassdoor chillers

We have sold and delivered to many homes within and outside Nairobi and the return feedback by our customers has motivated us to expand to more areas within Kenya. We deliver quality, affordable and reliable appliances that will help you and your family live a healthy lifestyle.

Aplico Hill Limited
Deck oven and convection ovens on top

Our goal at Aplico Hill Limited is to help bakers and bakeries make their already delicious and fantastic products even better by aligning them with the right type of oven when making a new purchase.

 Aplico Hill Limited
Delivery Team

Our dedicated team will deliver your good to your place safely and help set up the machine. We offer delivery services within Nairobi and outsource for delivery outside Nairobi.

 Aplico Hill Limited
Refrigerated cake display showcase

Our attention to detail is what gets us business. our great customer service is what keeps it. We can offer a fully commercial kitchen. We always pursue fine quality for you! let Aplico Hill Limited help you select the best appliance for your home or business premises.